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There is an unprecedented youth mental health crisis taking place here in Australia: one in five young Australians are living with serious mental health issues.

Many of our most vulnerable young people have experienced severe trauma, disadvantage and are suffering deeply.

Frequently the young people who most need support refuse to engage, or drop-out after the first session when offered conventional therapy. Although a young person is identified early on as being at-risk, there are few opportunities between the ‘soft option’ of counselling, and the ‘hard approaches’ of institutionalised care: psychiatric units, juvenile detention, drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres.

If they fall through this net, what else is there to redirect them from the cliff edge?

Human Nature Adventure Therapy exists to provide innovative and effective evidence-based interventions for young people before they become entrenched in destructive behaviours.

We believe that all young people deserve to be supported to thrive in the face of adversity.



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We believe young people can overcome disadvantage and trauma, to fully cultivate and share their unique strengths, and be valued and appreciated by Community.

What People Say

“We are just so overwhelmed with how this program has and continues to enable our daughter to blaze her own trail towards a bright and exciting future. Thank you, with hands on our hearts, thank you.”

Parent of a Recre8 participant

“It’s helped me discover more of what I am. At first it may seem challenging but when you finish you realise how totally worthwhile it is. It wouldn’t be as special as it is now if it changed.”


“This program for me is an inspiring achievement. It will push me to do stuff in life that I think I can’t do. It helped me find more of myself, I feel like I have a whole new family, a whole new group of support and love.”

Jacob, a Recre8 Participant

“The greatest experience and opportunity of my life! It hasn’t just changed my life around but opened my eyes to a new career path.”

Josh, a Recre8 participant