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Human Nature Adventure Therapy

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Human Nature Adventure Therapy (Human Nature) is a non-profit organisation offering innovative, nature-based mental health interventions for young people across the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales.

We take a fundamentally different approach to how young people access mental health support, by taking them out of the counselling room and into outdoor spaces where they are more comfortable and open to therapeutic support to connect back with themselves, their peers and with nature.

The young people we help may be experiencing drug and alcohol problems, behavioural difficulties, social exclusion or various forms of mental health issues; many come from challenged backgrounds – having experienced childhood trauma, or living in disadvantaged environments with caregivers who are themselves struggling with mental health or addiction issues. They are typically on potentially dangerous trajectories, having fallen through the gaps in the current mental health system or exhausted other avenues of support. Often they are reluctant or unable to engage with services due to geographical or financial barriers or hesitant to participate in ‘traditional’ counselling.

Human Nature’s combination of professional intervention and physical adventure in nature gives young people an alternative and positive experience of mental health support, empowering them to navigate life’s challenges and avoid more extreme interventions down the track.

Our referral partners – including schools, case workers and community youth workers – help to identify young people who can benefit from the expertise of our experienced and passionate team of mental health professionals and the unique services we provide. Each young person receives up to 200 hours of intensive therapeutic interventions in non-clinical settings, with support also offered to family members and their care community.


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We believe young people can overcome disadvantage and trauma, to fully cultivate and share their unique strengths, and be valued and appreciated by Community.

What People Say

“We are just so overwhelmed with how this program has and continues to enable our daughter to blaze her own trail towards a bright and exciting future. Thank you, with hands on our hearts, thank you.”

Parent of a Recre8 participant

“It’s helped me discover more of what I am. At first it may seem challenging but when you finish you realise how totally worthwhile it is. It wouldn’t be as special as it is now if it changed.”


“This program for me is an inspiring achievement. It will push me to do stuff in life that I think I can’t do. It helped me find more of myself, I feel like I have a whole new family, a whole new group of support and love.”

Jacob, a Recre8 Participant

“The greatest experience and opportunity of my life! It hasn’t just changed my life around but opened my eyes to a new career path.”

Josh, a Recre8 participant

Human Nature Adventure Therapy is now a COVID-safe organisation, committed to maintaining the well being of young people, our team and the
community as our top priority.