About Recre8

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Our signature Recre8 program is at the heart of our work at Human Nature Therapy.

Recre8 aims to identify at-risk symptoms and assist participants to make meaningful changes. It is an early intervention program designed for at-risk young people by using bush adventure therapy and expeditions in nature.

Recre8 for Young Women

Offering an incredible wilderness adventure hiking around Moreton Island, and sailing through Moreton Bay and Stradbroke Islands, the participants learn to sail traditional wooden boats alongside dugongs, whales, turtles and dolphins, camp on remote beaches, stargaze and storytell by the fire, and share great times with new friends. 

Criteria: young women aged between 14-19 years old and residents of the Northern Rivers region or Southern Queensland.

What our Recre8 Young Women Say

“The program made me feel a lot better about myself. I feel more confident, like I can handle anything”

“I was inspired by everyone to start standing up for myself more”

“It’s given me a whole lot of self-confidence. Everything has boosted up in me a lot, like being able to socialise with new people”

Recre8 for Young Men

This is a life-changing adventure for young men. Exploring and hiking through the wilderness of the rugged Great Dividing Range, near Tabulam NSW they discover unfamiliar territory, both internally and externally. Camping under the stars, canoe-ing the rapids of the headwater of the Clarence River and abseiling escarpments, they get to experience the freedom of nature with our qualified staff team.

Criteria: at-risk young men aged between 14-19 years old and residents of the Northern Rivers region or Southern Queensland.

What our Recre8 Young Men Say

“The Recre8 Program changed my life much more then I could ever anticipate.”

“Since being on Recre8 I stayed at CASPA and decided to get a job there. I worked in residential care for a year, to help those who were once in my position.”

“Its helped me discover more of who I am.”


The Key 5 Stages of the Recre8 Program

  • Stage 1: Referral screening and assessment. The therapeutic relationship with the participant and their family begins.
  • Stage 2: The 2-day preparation camp. The participant is prepared emotionally, physically and mentally for the expedition to come.
  • Stage 3: The 10-day wilderness expedition. Participants are taught wilderness skills to survive out in the bush including map reading, making a fire, preparing food and how to set up a tent.
  • Stage 4: Follow up support and mentoring. One-to-one counselling is provided for two months post-expedition.
  • Stage 5: The reunion celebration. An overnight gathering 4-6 weeks after the expedition.