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Human Nature Adventure Therapy (HNAT) is an Australian not-for-profit organisation based in Northern NSW. We are passionate about helping young people overcome mental health and behavioural issues.

We are an ACNC recognised Public Benevolent Institution with Deductible Gift Recipient status.

Our Story

At the heart of what we do is build trust and form healthy relationships. For HNAT’s Director and Head Psychologist Andy Hamilton, who worked closely with Graham Pringle to create the Recre8 Program in 2008, this has been his ethos. He developed the model for Recre8 in partnership with the vision of having a completely new Bush Adventure Therapy Program. It combines the best aspects of outdoor education, experiential and embodied learning, and therapeutic practice. He has run our innovative program to the present day and Recre8’s unique delivery model is based on a decade of lived experience.

The first programs were successfully piloted with the aid of Adventure Based Counselling Incorporated (ABC). After three successful pilots, our program became known as Recre8 in 2013. Human Nature Adventure Therapy was established as a charitable organisation in 2015 to support the delivery of the Recre8 Program.

We would like to thank our Strategic Partners who are:·

These organisations have been instrumental to our growth as an organisation and to the increased capacity we have to deliver Recre8.

What we do

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Our current lead program Recre8 takes disengaged young people on a four-month therapeutic process using the innovative treatment methodology of Bush Adventure Therapy (BAT). It involves extensive expeditions into nature, where young people are facilitated to exlore themselves safely and find new ways of thinking and behaving. Participants encounter, embrace and overcome obstacles, discovering their inner resilience and ability to create positive relationships. At the heart of this journey is a challenging and supportive wilderness expedition.

Our Recre8 Programs are all individually designed and run by an experienced and committed team of psychologists, counsellors, mentors, volunteers and outdoor leadership professionals.

Bush Adventure Therapy (or Wilderness Therapy) is a well-respected methodology that is increasingly widely used internationally, particularly in the US. There it has a longstanding therapeutic reputation having been used since the 1940’s. It harnesses the healing power of Nature and demonstrates how human beings benefit from this essential relationship. In a world where time outdoors is rapidly decreasing, this is of great importance to the health and wellbeing of our young people.

We are a member of the Australian Association for Bush Adventure Therapy here in Australia.   Visit https://aabat.org.au for more information.

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Our core focus is vulnerable, at-risk youth aged between 14 and 19, primarily from the Northern Rivers region in NSW, and the Gold Coast region in QLD.

These are young peole who may be struggling with

  • mental health issues,
  • childhood trauma,
  • drug and alcohol problems,
  • behavioural difficulties and
  • social exclusion.

We select participants who demonstrate the most significant need and are most likely to benefit from what the program offers. We work closely with their families, schools and relevant supporting agencies including foster care agencies, juvenile justice, youth services, drug and alcohol services.