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The past few years has taken a massive toll on young people’s mental health. Many young people are in crisis and the professional support they desperately need is often unaffordable, inaccessible, unable to meet their complex needs or only available when they are so ill they require hospitalisation.

Human Nature provides tailored mental health support to young people that works – taking them out of the therapy room and into nature enables a connection of ease and trust that allows a deep therapeutic relationship to develop. It’s the reason we consistently have nearly 100% engagement in our programs.

Young people want to spend time with our Psychologists, Social Worker and Therapeutic Mentors because they meet them on their terms, engage them in nature-connected activities, and walk alongside them for as long as it takes. We never charge a young person if they are struggling financially and our team travels to them, eliminating the key barriers to seeking mental health services.

But unlike many mental health services, we are not Government funded and our life changing programs can only run through the generosity of donors who share our belief that young people deserve effective mental health services that truly meet their complex needs.