Our Vision

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Our vision is a world where young people triumph over adversity and thrive

Our Mission

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To empower young people to navigate life’s challenges – transforming trauma and disadvantage into healing and growth

Our Values

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1. Nature is central
Nature is essential to our lives on this planet. At HNAT, we acknowledge that humanity is inseparable from nature. We seek to reflect this in the design of our programs, with nature being our main inspiration.

2. Fostering innovation
We aspire to find solutions to our communities most pressing social problems. We aim to change the system for the better, spread the solution and inspire the entire community to evolve in new directions.

3. Community focused
Our programs are community infused, and we believe this is essential to be sustainable and expand positively. We are informed by, respect and nurture community connections.

4. Seeking solutions through adventure
We believe that group experiences and adventure are fundamental to human growth.