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This is a life-changing adventure for young men. Exploring and hiking through the wilderness of the rugged Great Dividing Range, near Tabulam NSW they discover unfamiliar territory, both internally and externally. Camping under the stars, canoe-ing the rapids of the headwater of the Clarence River and abseiling escarpments, they get to experience the freedom of Nature with our qualified staff team. Camp fires at night provide a space to reflect on the day, share stories, and any of their gifts they wish to share (playing music, dance).

Activities include: hiking, abseiling, canoe-ing, building a raft, learning to navigate, learning aboriginal wisdom and tradition, to set up camp, make fire, and prepare and cook meals in groups. The program team facilitate with individual and group counselling during the expedition, and each young man receives two months of one-to-one counselling and mentoring once the expedition is over. The group celebrate their experiences with a 2-day rainforest reunion retreat based in Wilson’s Creek, northern NSW.

Criteria: at-risk young men aged between 14-19 years old and residents of the Northern Rivers region or Southern Queensland.

Please note that our Reunion Celebration for the Young Men’s Program currently running is now December 10th and 11th 2018. Many thanks.

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What our Recre8 young men say  


“The Recre8 Program changed my life much more then I could ever anticipate.”

“Since being on Recre8 I stayed at CASPA and decided to get a job there. I worked in residential care for a year, to help those who were once in my position.”

“Its helped me discover more of who I am.”


“Thanks Andy Hamilton for giving all of us this amazing experience and opportunity, it really has changed my life for the better”

“The greatest experience and opportunity of my life!  It hasn’t just changed my life around but opened my eyes to a new career path”

What parents and supporters of our Recre8 young men say   


“He now plays basketball and he is a gifted artist. He doesn’t run away from life. He acknowledges his actions”

“A year on since taking part in the Program B is still displaying the learnings he received and he self-disciplines. He takes responsibility for his life.”

“The Program grows boys into men and brings them together.”

“There is an ongoing benefit. It’s been a year, and more things are appearing. They are powerful but subtle.”“They save kids’ lives. J stopped struggling and being suicidal.”

“He was hungry to change so bad and didn’t know how. His intention was there. The program triggered the change he was looking for.”

“All the students (who took part in Recre8) have returned with a more positive outlook and a willingness to participate in the school community at a higher level.”

“It has been an honour and a privilege to be a part of such a transformational program. The program facilitated the space of trust that allows these individuals to come together and bond as a team to create a lifelong bond.  In today’s society in particular, a program like this is imperative to changing the lives of young people.” Recre8 Mentor